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Hotels & Resorts

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Hotels & Resorts

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Hotels & Resorts

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What does instant confirmation mean?

We have provided you an actual reservation with an instant confirmation number, so there is nothing else that needs to be done. Behind the scenes we cause the provider to re-validate the reservation and acknowledge they are prepared for your arrival.

Can I book a room for tonight?

Some hotels allow us to book their rooms until 3:00pm on the day of arrival. Only those hotels that follow this policy will be displayed to you if your arrival date is the same day.

Can I make the reservation by phone?

We would be happy to help you make the reservation by phone. Please call the toll free number on our site. Our Concierge will be able to assist you.

Is there a free shuttle from the airport to the hotel?

Some hotels do provide free shuttle services from the airport. This information can be found on the property information page for the specific hotel.

Will I get a free breakfast?

Some hotels include a free breakfast with each room night booked. That information can be found on the property information page for the specific hotel.

What about parking at the hotel?

Free parking is provided at many hotels. Check the property information pages for information on parking.

How do I get driving directions to the hotel?

Click the map link on the hotel property page. This map will give you the main cross streets and address of the hotel.

Do hotels have minimum age requirements to book a room?

Most hotels require a minimum age of 18 in order to book a room. Some require the guest(s) be 21. You can see requirements and other hotel amenities on the hotel’s property information pages.

What if a hotel shows No Vacancy?

If a property shows no vacancy please call the telephone number listed on the front of the website or Contact Us page. The Concierge may have access to additional room inventory and rates. Just mention the promo code listed when you call.

What is your low rate guarantee?

All hotel reservations are guaranteed to be the lowest rate available, at the time of booking, for the dates requested and the same hotel. If you find a lower rate for the same dynamics the process is simple: Submit a Rate Guarantee Form within 24 hours of making the booking with us. We will either refund the difference or cancel the reservation without penalty. * This guarantee may not apply to special events or third party bookings. A refund may only be credited to the same credit card used to make the reservation.

How accurate is your hotel amenities information?

The hotel information is actually updated by the hotel or hotel chain a number of times per year. Additionally, we strive to have the most accurate and complete hotel information available but we have to rely on the personnel at the hotel property to update and change information when appropriate. If you have specific requirements we recommend you contact the hotel to validate the amenity or service(s).

Do you offer an additional low rate guarantee?

Yes, from IVI – If you find a better price from a hotel direct or major online travel provider we will meet or beat the lowest rate on 3, 4 and 5 star hotels worldwide…just call us at +1 888.368.8815 or click on the Rate Guarantee Form, fill it out and submit to us within 24 hours of searching on our site or finding a lower price. We will match or beat the lowest rate.

Who can I contact to help me?

Hopefully, you’ll find the answer to your questions or concerns by reading through our most frequently asked questions list. If you don’t find the answer to your question; please contact ourConcierge. Reservations can be reached at the toll free number on our site. If necessary, our Customer Service will be able to assist.

What are additional fees and taxes?

Every city has their own tax rates. In some cases there are additional fees imposed by providers, local, city, state and federal agencies. Taxes are computed on the hotel reservation amount and fees charged as predicated by the provider. Non-refundable deposits are periodically required to hold rooms for your arrival and to provide you the lowest rates.

What is this charge on my credit card?

Non-refundable deposits are periodically required to hold rooms for your arrival and to provide you the lowest rates.

Do you include taxes in the total rate?

Generally yes, we do provide rates and breakout the taxes for your convenience; however, occasionally a hotel will not provide us with their tax information and therefore we are unable to show that information to you. If you find a hotel that doesn’t provide tax rate information, please call us and we’ll find out the tax information for you.

Do I pay for the entire reservation amount or do I just make a deposit to hold the room?

It depends on what we have negotiated with the provider. Some of our providers require just a room night deposit to hold your room while others require pre-payment at the time of your reservation. Please refer to the amount displayed on the hotel confirmation page to see what your credit card will be charged upon making the reservation. Typically those requiring pre-payment are offering significantly reduced rates.

What if I have questions about a previous reservation?

Please refer to your confirmation or go to the website and complete a Customer Service Request. Include your previous reservation amount along with your questions. A Customer Service Representative will contact you within 24 hours to answer your questions.

Can I make reservations for someone else?

You can make a reservation for someone else using our system as long as they are a family member living in your same household. The reservation for another family member must be made by you using your unique Access Pin. DO NOT SHARE YOUR ACCESS PIN INFORMATION WITH OTHERS (this is cause for immediate inactivation of your account). Just make sure you include that person’s name and information as the guest. You can have a different name and address for the guest and for the person paying with their credit card.

How do I cancel my reservation?

Please fill out a cancel/modify my reservation form. Include your previous reservation amount along with your questions. A Customer Service Representative will contact you within 24 hours. Please check the confirmation and the provider’s cancellation policy regarding refunds of reservation and/or deposit amounts. The policies are clearly detailed and closely followed because of our contractual arrangements.

What credit cards do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.